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Innovation begins with a comprehensive understanding of the defense industry. Contra Threat Sciences has years of experience working in the defense and law enforcement communities. 

Product Development: Real world solutions based on specific objectives. Product development can be very precise and we concentrate on providing solutions that are focused on your criteria. Areas of expertise include Body Armor (NIJ 0101.06), materials, helmets, vehicular armor, structural armor, transparencies, firearms, and ammunition.

Marketing: Marketing perspectives that focus on the unique capabilities of development and/or exisiting products. Established working relationships with most armor manufacturers, weavers, suppliers, and government bodies associated with the ballistics/armor industry.

Testing: Insight into test standards and procedures that provide a complete product evaluation, and assistance in choosing appropriate testing that can save costs and emphasize your advantages to the industry.  Long-established network with multiple testing facilities and laboratories nationwide.

Offering over 35 years of combined experience in the defense, law enforcement, and testing industry.  As specialists in testing, armor, ballistics, firearms, and ammunition, Contra Threat Sciences is your resource for experienced, professional consulting.




  • Armor Design

  • Ammunition Research

  • Ballistic Test Range Development

  • Certified Firearms/Range Safety Officer Instructor



  • Armor Design

  • Failure Analysis

  • Process Auditing

  • Sales & Marketing Consulting

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