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Adam Williamson has shared a passion for firearms and ammunition from a very young age.   Adam studied firearms, ballistics, and reloading as a hobby while still in grade school.  While studying electronics in high school  Adam was selected to participate in a program at Aberdeen Proving Ground incorporating electronics into large caliber rounds that could provide in flight data in regard to velocity, pitch, yaw, and rotation for testing purposes.

In 1995 Adam began his career at H.P. White Laboratory.  At the time H.P. White was the only independent and NIJ certified Laboratory in the world Adam began to learn the many aspects of testing and design for body armor, firearms, ammunition, forced entry testing, impact testing, explosives testing, materials testing, vehicular armor testing, protective equipment, and sharp instrument testing. In the year of 2001 after 6 years of ballistics experience, Adam began to serve H.P. White as a senior range technician on a variety of programs. This role would continue for another 4 years, all the while Adam continued to learn about all aspects of the ballistics industry.

By 2006, Adam was a supervisor at the laboratory overseeing the SAPI and ESAPI programs. At the time the ESAPI program was the largest program at the laboratory. Adam was responsible for training, scheduling, and resolving conflicts and he was instrumental in developing and improving ESAPI test methods.

In 2007, Adam became the range manager at H.P. White Laboratory. He was personally responsible for all programs, operations, and most personnel at the laboratory. Adam was key in a massive expansion at H.P. White laboratory including the design, construction, and management of 4 additional ranges. Now established as the operations manager, Adam realized the value of certified training for himself and his personnel.

Adam organized certified training sessions for range safety. He went on to become a certified instructor for many aspects of ballistics, firearms, tactics, range safety, and reloading acquiring training from renowned institutions such as the NRA and Blackwater USA.

While acting as operations manager, Adam was also the technical representative at the laboratory working with clients from a technical marketing standpoint. In 2009, Adam had the opportunity to serve the laboratory in this capacity full time.

 Adam spent much of his time assisting clients with the new NIJ 0101.06 body armor standards. Traveling to visit customers, attending trade shows, and giving presentations were all part of Adam's responsibilities. While Adam enjoyed his position as a technical representative, he knew he could do more for his clients in the ballistic industry. In 2010 Adam decided to leave H.P. White Laboratory and start Contra Threat Sciences. Now as an independent ballistics specialist, Adam can offer clients a full range of services not before possible. 

Since 2010 Contra Threat Sciences has quietly served the ballistics industry providing services such as consulting, test witnessing, training, test range supply and installation, and ammunition sales.

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